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Corinna Mantlo

Executive Producer & Co-Director

Corinna Mantlo has a background in art, and costume history. She has worked as a costume designer on short films, and stage productions.

She worked in the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, assistant to the collection coordinator, and research assistant in the library there.

In addition, she has lent her hand to varied artistic and socially conscious projects, with an emphasis on preserving a sense of old time New York.

Cine Meccanica

Cafe Meccanica

Booze & Yarn

Happy Homesteader Magazine

Alex Brook Lynn

Producer & Co-Director

Alex Brook Lynn makes her living as a production designer and art director. Recently, she has worked on several feature films, including El Camino, Day Zero, and Superheroes.

She has also worked as a staff photographer and junior photo editor at the New York Sun, and as a contributing writer and photographer for the New York Press. She is a founding editor of, a Journal For The Radical Center. Most recently, she wrote and directed James, her third short film.


Vickers Bastard Gringo

Editor & Director of Photography

Long time New Yorker, who migrated at an early age from Nevada and Arizona, via Paris, France, Vickers’ films and artwork combine a history and current perspective of New York City underworld, with the occult. His comic book art exhibits at Antagonist gallery, Stacy Stewart Smith gallery can be read in New York Waste and Oddfellow publications, and the 2005 Neue Galerie Museum Catalogue. His latest film, “Son Of Eyeball Man” premiered in 2005 at the Silver Scream Spook Show at Coney Island, and will show at the Raindance festival, London in Oct. 2006

Ronni Raygun Thomas

Original Score & Arrangement

Ronni Thomas, Brooklyn boy born and raised, began his film career producing for legendary horror icons Troma Films. Breaking away from the ‘B’ world – he ventured into documentary filmmaking and co-produced the now legendary Ramones doc – Hey is Dee Dee Home and Produced Psychobilly: A cancer on rock and roll. After a long enough stint as a pornographer, he returned to his first love of writing music. In 2004, he supplied the music for the Hamptons Film Festival under famed commercial filmmaker Bob Giraldi. Since then, his love of the strange and unusual sounds of gypsy cultures from around the world gives his arrangements a unique feeling. Ronni also writes for the British film magazine ‘Raindance.’

Arsenic Addicts

Adam Chimera

Sound Design, Mastering, & Recording

Evan Meszaros

Sound Recording

Professional Sound Engineer, Evan Meszaros made his directorial debut with Windcroft, an independent horror/thriller. Windcroft is a provocative thriller combining doomed romances and epic scenery, isolation, madness and murder. With complex characters and shocking twists, Windcroft takes the audience on a journey into the darkest regions of the soul.

John Aymong

2nd Director of photography

John Aymong, unlike his counterparts, would consider himself a migrant New Yorker. But don’t think the steely dark grit hasn’t been ground into Mr. Aymong’s bones.
He’s worked on several films and videos, including cinematography for “Son of Eyeball Man.”

Currently he’s been using satellite cameras to zero in on the fish market. He’s also building a t-shirt empire and finishing a graphic novel.

Evita Mendiola

Author of “The Fulton Fish Market Chronicles”

Evita has been documenting the Fulton Fish Market and it’s history for four years. She graduated from Columbia University after moving to New York City from Texas in 2001. She studied the Fulton Fish Market men and women for their last reigning years at the South Street Seaport for a thesis, and it eventually enveloped her life. She met Alex Brook Lynn and Corinna Mantlo at a knitting group in 2005 and they convinced her the Fish Market was worth as much as she wanted it to be. She desperately misses the old market but is at peace with its metamorphosis. Evita has been working in the Office of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City. The film ‘Up at Lou’s Fish’ is based around Evita’s graduating thesis ‘The Fulton Fish Market Chronicles’.

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